Chronic or life-threatening illnesses


A serious health problem can disrupt all aspects of your life.

A major health event (like a stroke, heart attack, or debilitating injury) or a chronic or life-threatening illnesses (like cancer), seem to develop unexpectedly, upsetting your life out of the blue.

You may feel overwhelmed by waves of difficult emotions—from fear and worry to profound sadness, despair, and grief. The emotional upheaval can make it difficult to function or think straight, and even lead to mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.

As your therapist, I will help you learn to cope with your new situation, ease the emotional and mental anguish, and find a way to navigate this challenging new journey.

Common emotional responses to serious illness include:
  • Anger or frustration and asking “why me?”
  • Facing up to your own mortality as your illness could be life-ending
  • Worrying about the future and how your life may change
  • Grieving the loss of your health and old life
  • Feeling powerless, hopeless, or unable to look beyond the worst-case scenario
  • Shame and guilt at how your condition is affecting those around you
  • Denial that anything is wrong or refusing to accept the diagnosis
  • A sense of isolation
  • A loss of self – you are no longer you but rather your medical condition

If you feel like any of these symptoms apply to you, reach out to us to request a free phone consultation.