Infertility doesn't need to be an all or nothing conversation.

Infertility can be a devastating experience for couples who are trying to get pregnant. Most assume they will be able to get pregnant when they are ready, yet this is not the reality for some couples. Infertility occurs when a couple is unable to conceive after trying for at least a year.

Although women are often associated with infertility, in some situations, it is the man who is infertile. And at times, both partners suffer from infertility. So, it is not just a “female problem.” Infertility and its treatment can affect all aspects of people’s lives, which can cause emotional consequences including turmoil, frustration, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, guilt, and feelings of worthlessness in life.

As your therapist, I will help you process the loss of fertility, identify and understand what you are feeling, work through the trauma and emotional pain, and explore other options for starting or adding to one’s family.

There are actually two types of infertility – primary infertility and secondary infertility. While they differ to some degree, when it comes right down to it, both types have the same effects and are typically addressed the same ways. The most significant difference between primary and secondary infertility is when it arises.

  • Primary Infertility is the most common type of infertility. Couples, who are unable to get pregnant at all and those who are unable to carry a child to full term, are diagnosed with primary infertility.
  • Secondary Infertility, on the other hand, is not as common as primary infertility, but no less devastating to couples who want to add to their families. Couples who are able to conceive and birth to one or more children, but who cannot become pregnant or carry a child to term later are diagnosed with secondary infertility. So, a couple with this type infertility has a child or children but is unable to continue adding children to their family.

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