Self-Esteem and Self-Worth


When you love yourself, things simply become lighter and easier.

It means we “esteem” and have a good opinion about ourselves. Self-esteem influences just about every facet of our lives. It informs self-care and the way we allow others to treat us and talk to us. Self-esteem affects how we value and communicate our needs, thoughts, and feelings and underpins personal integrity and our ability to pursue goals. It determines our sense of well-being, how we parent, our success in the workplace, and relationship satisfaction.

With low self-esteem, we don’t value our own opinions, needs, and ideas as much as those of other people. We’re self-critical and focus on our perceived weaknesses and flaws, yet ignore or dismiss our strengths, skill, and success. We negatively compare ourselves to others who we think are more attractive, capable or successful. We have difficulty accepting negative feedback and may have a fear of failing.

As your therapist, I can provide support and care to guide you to a more realistic sense of yourself as well as encourage you to take risks and focus on the positives.

The following are symptoms of low self-esteem:
  • Feeling worthless or that your life is meaningless
  • Feeling incompetent or inferior
  • Feeling unloved or generally unwanted
  • Needing others’ approval and opinions
  • Anxiety about being disliked or rejected
  • Frequent or irrational feelings of guilt
  • Self-doubt and indecision
  • Staying in relationships where your investment or love isn’t reciprocated
  • Defensiveness to criticism or negative feedback
  • Discomfort with compliments
  • Difficulty speaking up, sharing opinions, or setting limits with people
  • Being drawn to destructive relationships
  • Difficulty trusting yourself
  • Fear of intimacy and envy of others

If you feel like any of these symptoms apply to you, reach out to us to request a free phone consultation.