How Early Attachment with Parents Impacts Our Adult Relationships

The relationship children have with their primary caregivers—usually their mother and father, has a lasting impact.  Attachment patterns are established early in childhood and are pervasive.  They often influence who we choose as friends or partners and how those relationships progress over time.  That is why understanding your attachment style can help you understand your […]

Re-entry Anxiety: Life After COVID-19

Put simply, re-entry anxiety is feeling stressed or hesitant about getting back to a normal life after living with the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Although we are closer to “normalcy” than we’ve been in the past 16 months, you are not alone if you are feeling anxious rather than excitement.  The American Psychological […]

When to Know You Need Marriage Counseling

Admitting you need help can be both scary and humbling. But it can also lead you to a happy ending: a healthy relationship built on open communication, mutuality, respect, love, and commitment. 7 signs it may be time for couples counseling No two marriages are the same. Each partner brings a set of hopes, dreams, […]

Losing A Parent

Although most of us expect our parents to die before us, many adults are surprised by the complexity and depth of our grief when our mother or father dies. For many of us, the death of a parent is a significant loss. It changes many aspects of our lives, and will have an impact on […]